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Logic ART Pro 6.2 Update Out Now (Save Multiple Art Outs etc)

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Logic ART Pro 6.2 Update Out Now (Save Multiple Art Outs etc)

Postby Audiogrocery » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:07 pm

Hi All,

Apple implemented multiple articulation outputs in Logic 10.4.2.
We did our best to unlock the AG Logic Articulation EDITOR "Save as Logic Art Set" wizard as well. Now you can store up to three Map assignments as a Logic Articulation Set with iPad teleport. Using the Articulation switcher Scripter plugin is still functional for those who prefer to use text control points or to combine text points with Art IDs on the fly.
You can get more info about the product here.

ART Pro 6.2 update INFO

• The VSL Art Presets included into the AG Library can be stored as Logic 10.4.2 “Multiple Output” Articulation Sets.

• You can load “Multiple Output” Art Sets into the Logic Aux tracks to control the Multi Timbral instruments easily (the Scripter cannot be inserted into Aux tracks).

• Now you can navigate to the online Video tutorials directly from the EDITOR – Help Menu – Online Video Navigator. The Navigator is updated with a “Legacy Videos” chapter which offers additional info for the new customers.

• The MIDI FX Articulation Switcher 6.2 comes with several engine optimizations. Now the MIDI FX installer installs the plugin into the Scripter user path because the Logic 10.4.2 Factory presets are embedded into the Logic application.

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