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ModeAudio releases 'Toybox - Found Percussion Samples'

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ModeAudio releases 'Toybox - Found Percussion Samples'

Postby ModeAudio » Thu May 02, 2019 6:21 am


ModeAudio has released Toybox - Found Percussion Samples - a royalty-free selection of 303 drums and percussion sampled from an array of toy sound sources.

Taken from tiny tambourines, plastic shakers, rattles and sleigh bells to squawking soft toys, wooden cars, building blocks and even mini kitchen utensils, each sample has been carefully recorded, edited and subtly processed to bring out all of their playful character.

Included in the pack are 10 pre-mixed and matched percussion kits, as well as 5 channel strip settings, for the major DAW samplers.

Pack Details:
- 303 Percussion Samples (Toys, Metal, Plastic, Wood, Soft Toys, Kitchen Utensils).
- 10 Drum Kit Sampler Patches (for Live, Reason & Logic Pro).
- 5 Channel Strip Settings.
- 100% Royalty Free.

Check out the samples!
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