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Sound Magic Release Neo Piano, 8 Handpicked, Premium Quality Grand Pianos Collection

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Sound Magic Release Neo Piano, 8 Handpicked, Premium Quality Grand Pianos Collection

Postby soundmagic » Tue May 07, 2019 8:06 am

Sound Magic has released Neo Piano, a combination of 8 Grand Pianos. The 8 Grand Pianos were handpicked by by Sound Magic for sound quality, timbre, style and dynamics to cover all aspects and styles of music:

Imperial Grand: A famously rich and dark sound, the Bösendorfer 290SE establishes an incredible level of realism through hyper-detailed sound. From bass to highs, its rarity stands out across music genres ranging from new age to classical.

Vintage 1927: Offering a rich, luxurious sound, this Steinway piano produces a dynamic range that can accompany all types of different music, such as pop, jazz, classical, and more.

Ruby Grand: Boasting the famous Yamaha C7 sound, Ruby Grand has graced some of the most famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the world. Its mellow sustains, beautiful tones, and unique timbre are perfect for pop, jazz or rock.

Fazioli Brunei: A limited-edition custom design of F308, this model was handcrafted in Italy and is one of the world’s most expensive and renowned concert grants. Famous for its expressive, dynamic, and clear highs that sing with clarity, this versatile sound fits into all types of genres.

Horowitz Steinway is the piano that the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz loved most, this Steinway D boasts a rich sound and dynamic, full resonance performance that can last more than two minutes. It’s a breathtaking experience you’ll never forget!

Texas Grand: This grand piano comes from a not so famous American piano manufacturer. But its sound has an unmatched purity that impresses anyone who heard of it. With balanced timbre through all register. This one is the biggest discovery that we made so we are glad to represent its beauty to all human beings.

Bechstein D282: The C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano is a top-class instrument. Thanks to its stupendous and beautiful sound, it’s the ideal grand for large concert halls. Bechstein has a long history in piano manufacturing and represents a special style of sound that most German loves.

Blüthner Model One: Blüthner is regarded as German treasure. Model one is the master piece of Blüthner, which represents the knowledge acquired over the past 150 years of piano making. This one remains extreme expressive when you play soft that are rarely heard on other pianos.

For more information, please visit product page here

Sound Magic has also announced its Piano Madness Sale Event, which start from May 6th until May 12th. It has discounts (up to 50%) on several piano instruments, Chinese instruments and effect units.

Sale Page is here
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