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Launch this week: AI-based music analysis tool CYANITE

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Launch this week: AI-based music analysis tool CYANITE

Postby cr0000 » Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:32 pm

Hello SOS! Thank you for having me :)

I was reading along here as a guest reader for a while now and would love to let you know what my Berlin-based team and I have been working on.

On Thursday, we are launching the AI based music analysis tool CYANITE in order to give an objective understanding of emotions within a song. For this, we are combining state of art the deep learning technology (CNN's & RNN's) with a one-of-a-kind dataset that we gathered ourselves in our music app Groovecat.

CYANITE can be used in different scenarios throughout the music industry. Production music libraries or label catalogues can be indexed coherently, quick and easy. Decision makers in film, advertising, gaming as well as artists and producers can objectively make and communicate song choices.

Maybe there’s one or two people here who want to try it out. The Basic version is completely free and accessible for everyone, so if you want to find out how Music AI can actually be used as a supportive tool, this is your chance :) I appreciate any kind of feedback as this launch obviously is one of many milestones in our development roadmap!

Thank you, Carina (this demo is still for the Beta version)
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