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It's DOCTOR* Hugh Robjohns now!

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Re: It's DOCTOR* Hugh Robjohns now!

Postby arkieboy » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:30 am

(Speaking as a token academic)

These ‘honorary’ titles aren’t given out willy-nilly. They’re there to recognise genuine external achievement the awarding department would recognise as worthy were it done internally. So while the modesty is welcome, don’t feel like you shouldn’t give yourself a really, really big pat on the back.

Let me add another angle to this: if you’re bright and the right kind of person it’s not difficult to roll off the end of your upper second, pick a lecturer whose research interests you and move their research agenda forward. You have to make a worthy contribution for sure, but the money to support your research wouldn’t be available if there wasn’t a reasonable chance of that contribution being realised. I got my Ph.D (Kinetics and mechanisms of hydrocarbons (i.e unburnt petrol) in photochemical smog, if you’re interested) in precisely those circumstances and it wasn’t the contribution that was the hard bit, it was keeping my experimental rig working on the limited amount of money that was available to universities in the 80s. Oh and there was no statistical software - I had to write all of that. I was also really good at scrounging kit ... :-)

It’s a =real= achievement managing to get a further qualification while doing your day job, or doing that day job to the quality that’s worthy of a further qualification.

Bravo Hugh!
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Re: It's DOCTOR* Hugh Robjohns now!

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:26 am

Thanks Arkie -- much appreciated. :D :thumbup:
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