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Released: Discovery Documentary soundset for Omnisphere 2

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Released: Discovery Documentary soundset for Omnisphere 2

Postby jaapvisser78 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:12 am

Discovery Documentary is the fourth release in the [url='']Discovery Series[/url].

The Discovery Documentary soundset contains 100 presets and 25 multis and 96 soundsources.

The sounds in the soundset are diverse as music for documentaries is very broad. The sounds are aimed to provide you with a underscoring toolkit and that can be layered easily with other sample libraries.

The Discovery Documentary Deluxe version contains 25 extra presets and 10 extra multis with the use of the Keyscape soundsource library. Check for more info the product page.

Discovery Documentary is available for €14.95 (Retail price is €17.95)

Discovery Documentary Deluxe is available for €19.95 (Retail price is €22.95) - requires Keyscape

All the released soundsets in the Discovery serie (Crime, Horror, Trailer, Documentary) are on sale with their prices back at the intro pricings. The sale and intro pricing of the Discovery Documentary soundsets last till 25 October.

A freebie with 7 free patches can be found here:

Audio demos:

Walkthrough video:
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