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SoundsDivine 'Warped Vinyl' - FXpansion Strobe 2

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SoundsDivine 'Warped Vinyl' - FXpansion Strobe 2

Postby brick » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:58 am

<strong>‘Warped Vinyl’</strong> contains <strong>100</strong> sounds for <strong>FXpansion Strobe 2</strong>

These patches are designed to sound old & worn out. This soundset tries to emulate the sound of classic analog polysynths like the Korg Polysix & Yamaha CS-70 through cheap 90s reverbs and old analog delays pedals and tape machines.

Making full use of Strobe 2’s Transmod system, these sounds are dynamic and expressive with extensive mod wheel and aftertouch assignments for each patch.

‘<strong>Warped Vinyl</strong>’ features a variety of different presets, including, BoC style synth sounds, CS-80 brass sounds, dusty old pads, noisy space echo fx, drifty tremolo pads, old organ sounds, distorted electric pianos and much more.

Intro Price - €20 (+vat)
Normal Price - €24.95 (+vat)

Intro ends <strong>7th December</strong>
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