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New Kicks & Snares EZX from Toontrack!

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New Kicks & Snares EZX from Toontrack!

Postby TimeSpace » Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:41 pm


The Toontrack Kicks & Snares EZX is a veritable monster of a virtual drum toolbox for producers of all genres with a huge selection of multi-sampled individual kick drum and snare instruments, around 130 kick and snare voices, unique mix-ready kit presets and more.

Enhance your drum production tools with one of Toontrack's most flexible and essential EZdrummer and Superior Drummer expansions to date – use it for everything from custom kit creation, sound replacement and sound design to acoustic/organic, modern pop, hip-hop, ambient and electronic styles.

What differentiates this EZX from the rest is that each kick and snare position has four extra channels featuring individually processed versions: ‘Sub,’ ‘Skin Lo,’ ‘Skin Hi’ and ‘Club/Stick.’ This will enable you to infinitely tweak and find your personal blends for each instrument.

EZdrummer 2 owner? Welcome to a mind-blowing toolbox of mix-ready kits and instruments.

Superior Drummer 3 user? Revel in a near infinite palette of options that opens up for limitless sound design.

To buy and for full details visit:
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