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Gain Staging using True Peak Meters

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Gain Staging using True Peak Meters

Postby Zukan » Wed Jan 29, 2020 10:01 am

I have just released my latest video on the subject of gain staging using LUFS meters.

Gain Staging using True Peak Meters video tutorial explains in detail how to gain stage your mixes using LUFS (True Peak) metering.

'When it comes to gain staging our mixes we are afforded all manner of metering options. From the DAW specific Peak Programme Meter to the wonderful LUFS Meter we are spoilt for choice. Each meter has its uses but if I had to be honest you could replace every single one of your meters for a half decent LUFS meter. But to effectively gain stage using True Peak Meters (LUFS) we need to understand a few basic concepts.'

More..... ... ak-meters/

There are over 200 tutorial videos on my website Samplecraze and my subscription channel The Audio Production Hub. So, make a cuppa and come and peruse what's on offer.
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