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FREE Dark Piano Sample Pack (137 WAV Samples)

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FREE Dark Piano Sample Pack (137 WAV Samples)

Postby replikasound » Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:19 pm

FREE Dark Piano Sample Pack (137 WAV Samples)

Hi All..

Replika Sound have just updated Dark Piano to v3. Click HERE for a FREE pack of 137 WAV Samples taken from this Library.



Dark Piano houses a collection of Dark Cinematic Sounds, Textures and Loops made from inside a 1963 Kemble MinX Piano.

    WAV Sample Pack with included bespoke Players for Kontakt

    Glissandi, String Scrapes, Deep Booms, Metallic Clangs, High Chimes, Brass and Wood Hits, Reverse String Plucks, Reverse Hits, Dark Textural Loops.

    New AUDITION Player - Simple Sample Selection and manipulation Scripting for Kontakt 5.3+

    1239 samples, 3.45 GB size.


    All Samples are laid out over the Keyboard - 1 Sample per Key
    Play a Sample
    Click a Button on the GUI
    The Sample is added to a Sample Group and spread out across 2 Octaves
    4 Sample Groups in total each with Individual Controls and FX
    Master Filters and Envelopes
    Tempo-Synced Pulse Gate and Filter Gate
    4 Master FX Units - 4 Band EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb

MSRP: £28. On Sale for £12 until 6 March 2020

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