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60% off Zynaptiq Unveil de-reverb and signal focusin plug-in

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60% off Zynaptiq Unveil de-reverb and signal focusin plug-in

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:14 pm
by TimeSpace
"A worthy addition to any post-production sound kit and is unique in its ability to isolate reverb from the foreground signal." - SOUND ON SOUND

Need to clean up your drums? Done. How about reducing the room sound in your dialogue? No problem. Zynpatiq's Unveil de-reverberation plug-in allows you to easily do all this and more within a simplistic and easy to use interface.

Audio engineers can attenuate reverb in recordings

Film mixers and dialogue editors can remove reverb from dialogue and location sound

Music producers can turn vintage drum-loops rich in reverb into dry recordings, and vice-versa

Foley artists can remove ambience from sub-optimally captured sounds

Mix and mastering engineers can bring key mix elements into focus by attenuating components commonly referred to as "mud".

Now's your chance to buy what Resident Advisor's reviewer called an "incredible technical achievement" for 60% less!

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