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Zebra Num Num | 100 Patches for Zebra 2!

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Zebra Num Num | 100 Patches for Zebra 2!

Postby RobustAmerican » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:00 am


Greetings Everyone!

We've just released 100 patches for Zebra 2 and we decided to call it Zebra Num Num. (Yes, we are big fans of the late, great Peter Sellers) You also get 20 "free num num" and 8 "extra num num" patches to make 128 patches in total.


Zebra Num Num Linear Patch Demonstrations (YouTube Playlist)

Zebra Num Num Nonlinear Patch List and "Clickable" Demo Page
(Simply click the patch names for cued up YouTube demos)

ZEBRA NUM NUM is organized into the following folders and subfolders:

"ZEBRA NUM NUM" - 100 Patches

"Key" (23 Polyphonic Synths & Acoustic Instruments)
"Lead" (27 Expressive Synth & Acoustic Leads)
"Pad" (17 Pads: From Soaring Choirs to Animated Combos)
"Arp" (13 Arpeggios: Basses, Leads, Drums, Guitars, Chords, Bells)
"Drum" (12 Patches: 4 Drum Kits, Various Dynamic Percussion & Drum HIts)
"Bass" (8 Dynamic Synth Basses plus 4 more in the "Key" category)

"FREE NUM NUM" - 20 Free Patches
"EXTRA NUM NUM" - 8 Extra Patches


Descriptions and Usage Info: Brief descriptions as well as controller info for the mod wheel, aftertouch and sometimes velocity.

XY Pad Assignments: Every patch has multiple and extensive XY pad assignments that take these sounds into completely new sonic frontiers with the flick of your mouse or your preferred controller. (We've labeled every single pad so you know what's what at a glance) We're using the Prophet Rev 2 as our controller and having the XY pads so easily accessible has changed our lives forever.

Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Velocity Assignments: Deep and thoughtful mod wheel and aftertouch assignments that make these sounds extremely expressive and fun to play. We also make heavy use of velocity to control volume, filters and envelope times etc...

Tags: Each and every patch has been thoroughly tagged to make searches fast and easy.

Sincere thanks for taking the time to check out our patches during this new, secluded reality we find ourselves living in. Save 50% until things get back to something that resembles normal.

Safe & Healthy Wishes!
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