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ModeAudio releases 'Foundation - Drum Machine Samples'

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ModeAudio releases 'Foundation - Drum Machine Samples'

Postby ModeAudio » Thu Jun 04, 2020 9:31 am

ModeAudio has released Foundation - Drum Machine Samples, 433 drum samples spanning kicks, snares, hats, claps and a variety of percussion instruments, divided into 3 folders: Raw Drums, Processed Drums and Layered Drums.

The pack utilises the acoustic drum sampling of the Alesis HR16 and modern sound of the DeepMind 12 analog synth, as well as the classic LinnDrum and MPC2000.

Accompanying the core sample collection is a set of 10 drum kit presets for Kong, 3 NN-XT presets and 5 Combinator patches, presenting an array of processing options.

Pack Details:
88 Kick Samples
84 Snare Samples
65 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
30 Clap Samples
43 Tom Samples
16 Cymbal Samples (Crashes & Rides)
10 Rim Samples
23 Shaker Samples (Maracas, Tambourine & Cabasa)
74 Percussion Samples (Clave, Cowbell, Triangle, Conga & Analog Synth Perc)

433 Drum Samples
10 Kong Drum Kits
5 Combinator Patches
3 NN-XT Patches
8 MIDI Files
LinnDrum, HR16, DeepMind12 & MPC2000 Drum Machines Sampled

Check out the pack!
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