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Overloud Summer Sale now on - save up to 55%

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Overloud Summer Sale now on - save up to 55%

Postby TimeSpace » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:05 pm

The Overloud Summer Sale is now on! For two weeks you can save up to 55% on many Overloud effects plug-ins, including...

The Gem series - exceptional effects plug-ins for mixing and mastering (no other Overloud 'host' products required).

TH-U Rig Libraries (including Choptones titles) - expansions for TH-U Full and TH-U Collections/Editions

Finally, if you recently took advantage of the TH-U Rock/Metal/Funk & RnB Collections deals, you can upgrade to the full version of TH-U for 55% less!

See all Overloud sale titles here:

Or, for ease...

The Gem Series:
TH-U and Rig Libraries:

Offer ends 13th July
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