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ModeAudio releases 'Simulation - Serum Synth & Sequence Presets'

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ModeAudio releases 'Simulation - Serum Synth & Sequence Presets'

Postby ModeAudio » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:55 am

ModeAudio has released Simulation - Serum Synth & Sequence Presets -
A set of 60 .fxp presets that makes use of Serum's synthesis architecture to conjure a range of textured and rhythmic patches and sequences.

The palette draws from custom noise samples to provide a choice of thick basses, rhythmic pads, enveloping plucks, kinetic percussion and SFX sequences - designed for Synthwave, Pop, Downtempo and similar genres.

All presets are delivered with mod wheel and macros controls fully assigned, and 60 MIDI loops of basslines, arpeggios and chord progressions complete the pack.

Pack Details:
- 6 Bass Presets
- 6 Pad Presets
- 6 Pluck Presets
- 16 Melodic Synth Presets
- 16 Sequenced Presets
- 10 Percussive Sequence Presets
- 45 Custom Noise Samples (Noise, Field Recordings & Granular Synthesis)
- 60 MIDI Loops

Check out the pack!
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