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DrumThrash Update 2.0.2

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DrumThrash Update 2.0.2

Postby AThrash » Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:57 pm

DrumThrash - Drum Machine Software - Update 2.0.2


Version 2.02 addresses a few issues to provide better stability.

-Fixed random quantize bounds where hits could fall below tick zero.

-Fixed issue where program could hang when selecting 1/256th dotted divisions.

-Fixed issue when deleting the second measure the first measure could also be deleted.

-Fixed issue where program could hang when stopping playback and the floating mixer window is open.

-All samples is now the default view for the controller panel.

-The master/floating master volume has been combined to a single button. Clicking the master mixer button twice will toggle between views.

-Updated visuals for the master mixer VU.

-Undo/redo now processes all hits from mouse down to mouse up when using the eraser tool.

-Lowered brightness for swing division lines.

Get more information at:
Demo available.
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