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Serene Trances for Diversion by Touch The Universe

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Serene Trances for Diversion by Touch The Universe

Postby Touch The Universe » Sat Dec 05, 2020 6:08 pm


Serene Trances is an exceptionally high caliber soundset with over 135 patches and 1GB of unique sample content for the exquisitely beautiful synth Diversion, by Dmitry Sches, and is suitable for use in any type of contemporary electronic music productions. Serene Trances takes absolute full advantage of Diversion as a hybrid synth/sampler, utilizing its many different live synthesis methods and its ability to import wave samples. Nearly half the patches use wave samples to enrich the synths rich sound with noise samples, adding real world texture to synthesis.

An optional version is available which also includes over 2 dozen unique MIDI files which were used in the demo showcases for an additional $5. Furthermore, nearly all of the patches are assigned to the Master Morph section in the center screen of the gui, to further enhance playability and add extra dimensions to the sound.



Include 135 Presets for Diversion
Contains over 1GB of unique samples embedded in the patches.
Optional - Includes 25 Midi FIles (Over 50 merged patterns) from most of the audio demos (excluding leads). They are named identically to the corresponding preset.
All patches are volume normalized. (They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets)
Complex Modulation Wheel and XY destinations for nearly all patches. When appropriate, many patches also utilized velocity sensitivity.
Patches created in the latest version of Diversion 1.41.


Leads - 15
Drums - 5
Pads and Atmospheres- 48
Basses - 26
Keys - 11
Plucks - 19
Arps and Sequences - 14

AUDIO SHOWCASE ... s-showcase

Price = $19-$24

More Info: ... rsion.html
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