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Eplex7 releases Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced physical and digital modeling bassline synthesizer

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Eplex7 releases Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced physical and digital modeling bassline synthesizer

Postby Eplex7 DSP » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:58 pm

Eplex7 DSP has released Hitech Bass HBS1 advanced physical and digital modeling bassline synthesizer



This is not next classic (and boring) saw wave type bass, because proper hitech / darkpsy bass should not be simple sawooth.

Hitech Bass HBS1 synthesizer uses advanced physical and digital modeling algorithms to create unique type of bass which works perfect with fast 180 BPM of hitech tracks without clicks and phasing problems. Works perfect with psycore, darkpsy / forest night psytrance, fullon, progressive, techno etc.

Classic virtual analog synthesizers are usually not suitable for psytrance or hitech bass, because you need extremely fast and stable bass. While VA synths do not have stable sound, because they are designed to emulate analog synths and have musical tone. Analog and virtual analog synths are unstable changing its sound and parameters in time. They also produce clicks, cracks, phase issues, layering of sub-bass tail of bass, disharmony with kick drum bass tail etc. That is why we designed special synthesizer designed for psychedelic basslines.

HBS1 Algorithm consist of 2 parts: one is Bass generator – creating bass or sub-bass part of bassline by special technique and next is pick / transient generator to create percussive / transient mid and high frequency part of bassline.

This algorithm creates new approach to classic electronic bassline design. It creates new kind of bass, better than classic methods, like creating bass from saw wave in classic substractive VA synthesizer. It is especially important in fast bpm genres like hitech, psycore, fullon, darkpsy, techno, electro, progressive etc.

Important 1
Please note, that tail of kick affects bass. So please use side chaining technique to eliminate layering of kick and bass together, which usually creates problems with sound (classic compressor kick/bass sidechaining technique or LFO tool sidechaining).

Important 2
Type of kick affects tone of bass, because tail of kick and bass is sometimes layered little bit also if you use sidechain and because bass woofer must perform similar low frequencies very fast. So please try to use different kick samples with different basslines / presets. Some combination sounds perfect and some not so good. One bass sounds perfect alone but not good with one kick while sounds ultra perfect with another kick.

Important 3
Different bass / Preset sounds different with different tempo 130 to 190 BPM
also some bass sounds different on different note C, D, E etc. So try presets in different combinations. Some presets are designed for C5 notes some for D, E, F etc. notes. Some are for faster tempos other for slower.

Important 4

Use only linear phase EQ to cut sub bass 20 Hz of kick and bass - not classic EQs to cut, because they create phase issues. This is well known secret of psy bass design which not all producers know.

It is important to find balance between tone, kick, bass and tempo in electronic dance music especially psytrance and hitech.


- Bass generator - bass / sub-bass part of bass algorithm,
- Parameters: Bass fine tune, octave selector
- Parameters to modify shape of bass and its tone: Bass mod. length, Bass mod duration, Bass mod amount
- Bass filter: Bass filter cutoff, Bass filter resonance
- Bass volume: to control amount of bass / sub-bass part

- Transient / Pick generator – to generate percussive / transient / mid-high frequency part of bass.
- Transient start and length – to modify start and length of transient / pick.
- Perc. mod length – length of modulation,
- Perc modulation sustain,
- Perc mod amount – amount of modulation.
- Transient filtering frequency and resonance – to change tone of pick / transient part
- Transient pick – more low to mid percussive transients / picks
- Transient high frequency – high frequency part of transient / pick and gentle clicky start of bass.

- Envelope shaping - System decay (to set length of note) system sustain

- Output module with FAT saturation control – to change overall tone, fatness and shape of bassline and add analog type saturation.

- Preset manager with 32 fine tuned presets for hitech, darkpsy, fullon psytrance, techno, progressive, minimal, goa, darkprog, psycore, high-tech genres.

Product page / download demo version:

Price: 37 €. There is an introductory price for first 100 customers of: 18,90 €.
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