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Electric Guitar : Multi-Articulation Instrument for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer Out Now

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Electric Guitar : Multi-Articulation Instrument for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer Out Now

Postby replikasound » Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:48 am

Hi All..

RSGL02 Electric Guitar has been Upgraded to v8 with more controls than ever before.


Features and Controls :

    Automatic Hammer-On & Pull-Off with overlapping Notes
    Automatic Natural Harmonics Articulations below a User defined Note Velocity
    Automatic Velocity-based Switching from Palm Articulation to Staccato
    Customisable Slide Up & Down Lengths
    Customisable Note Velocity Sensitivity
    2 ADSR Envelopes - One for Long Notes One for Short
    Customisable Sample Playback Offset
    Tempo-Synced Volume (Stutter) Gate with choice of Rectangle or Sine Wave LFO
    Automatic Random Fret Noises based on User definition and Note Intervals
    Variable User Defined Pitch Bend Range up to 12 semi-tones
    Broad Treble and Bass Bell EQ Controls
    100 Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinet Impulse Responses
    Chord Play - Bar Chords, Open Chords & Power Chords with Strum Speed, Strum Emphasis and Strum EQ
    Chord Octave Transpose Option for Strumming
    Vari-speed Tremolando Picking
    Wah-wah Pedal Control from Mod Wheel
    2 Pages of On-board Effects Units - 4 Band EQ, Compressor, Wah-Wah Pedal, Distortion, Chorus
    Flanger, Tempo-synced Delay, Convolution Reverb with 23 IRs, Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinet
    Simple MIDI Configuration

All the features are fully MIDI automatable. The Electric Guitar responds to MIDI CC11.

MSRP: £36. On Sale for ONLY £15 until 5th May 2021

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3 (or later) Required. More Info, Video Walk Through & Demos on our Website

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