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How should I approach payment for music?

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How should I approach payment for music?

Postby SilverIllusionist » Sat May 20, 2017 9:34 pm

So I'm working towards becoming a professional composer and am just starting to learn about the music industry. One of my main issues is that I really want to be involved in some sort of creative project right now to get experience(and for the joy of it, of course!) and I don't know how much I should charge for my stuff. Though I'm quite proud of my compositions, I don't feel that they're good enough(at least in an audio engineering sense, my compositional technique is more than competent) to approach the music industry for work so perhaps working under the table is the best approach. That being said, if I do work under the table how much charge should I charge per song or per minute of music? Or should I just screw the under the table thing as it can be quite be unreliable and wait until I develop a portfolio of better quality music and just do projects for free on the side? For a bit more context, I'm most interested in composing for video games, television or movies(doesn't have to be big stuff, even a small art film, movie or indie game would be fantastic), and I'm much more of an orchestral/instrumental composer than a lyricist.

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to leave any other tips on the music industry if you'd like.
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