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Synth Programming Showreel?

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Synth Programming Showreel?

Postby markoos » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:40 pm

Waaaay back in 2006, SOS did an article with a section on showreels for music CVs/self promo.

Can anyone point to a more recent resource perhaps? If the overall gist of the article remains relevant then that's great - if not, have you got any tips - at all - about how to best present yourself today as a synth programmer/sound designer with the result of having a polished showreel?

I've been programming for some years now on a number of different soft synths and I'd like to make some of the riffs, hooks, effect sequences, music passages, etc that I've written and created, made available for consideration for those who might want to work with a programmer, use externally-sourced audio for a film or game etc.

Other than uploading some >1min audio sequences to soundcloud for example, what else can I do?

I've had good feedback from those who've heard the finished tracks I make but it seems harder than ever to get interest from labels - I get more response from the short audio samples on soundcloud than I do from Spotify and the other Distrokid-linked platforms some of my music is on combined.

Any thoughts please?
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Re: Synth Programming Showreel?

Postby Steve A » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:55 am

I've not read the article itself but I would say that these days, a showreel in isolation is of little value. I feel pretty certain that if anybody in a record label / artist management etc is looking for someone who does what you do in such a niche area, their first step is going to be reaching out to people they already know, asking people they trust if they know anyone or someone they've already heard of or has a reputation. Looking for someone completely outside that circle by googling for showreels is a last resort they'll also certainly never get to. So your goal is to become somebody that falls into one of those other categories. One suggestion is try and get involved with some of the softsynth developers to see if you can offer them library sounds (or start releasing your own ones for free). You need to network and build relationships with people already on the inside (that's the bit that's NEVER changed) and this does not necessarily involve paid employment at the initial stages. And back that up with an online presence that allows you to build an audience and reputation. So rather than do a showreel that no-one will find or watch (unless they've first become aware of you via other means), consider launching a YouTube channel with regular content that will be of interest to the sort of people you ideally would want to work with. How you produce the sounds, what sounds inspire you, how your sounds have help other artists etc. Focus on stuff that will be of interest to others and isn't just self promotion. This is a lot of hard work, it will take time and it involves giving away stuff of value, which may feel wrong at first, but that's how it's done now. Build up a following by giving (as in providing for free) value - become someone that people might have heard of - and then, the phone might just start ringing. If you're good, of course!
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Re: Synth Programming Showreel?

Postby blinddrew » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:13 pm

I reckon that's a really good answer there Steve. :thumbup:
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Re: Synth Programming Showreel?

Postby Martin Walker » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:50 pm

Agreed - bravo Steve A! 8-)

Good solid advice.

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Re: Synth Programming Showreel?

Postby narcoszzz » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:23 am

Steve A wrote:One suggestion is try and get involved with some of the softsynth developers to see if you can offer them library sounds (or start releasing your own ones for free)
Great advices!

If you're "outside", perhaps sending mails to developers is not the best way as well. There are other possibilities of course.

If we take some events, too bad I know only about NAMM. What are other interesting events? Some notable festivals, meetings and so on, exist somewhere, just not knowing their names. It may be worth coming and seeing what's there.
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