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Buy-out Vs royalty advice

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Buy-out Vs royalty advice

Postby forumuser841644 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:53 pm

Hello. First post here. Although I'm a pretty established composer/ programmer I'm a bit stuck with a recent request.

In short, a feature length band documentary's producer has come to me for a soundtrack following the original composer going AWOL.

The deadline is ridiculous (as usual) but I will be able to write it without hiring the LSO so I can keep costs down.

My problem is:

- They will moan about budget
- The band will not want to pay out a publishing backend for broadcasts/mech for DVD sales

My plan is to offer a buyout price but also offer a rolling royalty cut instead when they tell me they're low on budget.

What is a realistic buyout fee? The film is 80 mins, the band is big, the production will be premiered in theatres then sold on DVD and likely broadcast after a short time.
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Re: Buy-out Vs royalty advice

Postby Mr Showbiz » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:30 am

Seeing this post is over 3 months old, specific advice is now useless.

Tell us, what was the outcome?

My approach to these type of negotiations is to name my price, based on my rate and a precise calculation of any additional recording costs, based on what the client wants.

Once floated out there, if the client feels it's not in their budget, I ask them for their figure. Once I have that, I see what type of job I could do for that fee and tell them what they would get (ie; no live string, brass, even any players) at that price point.

If it's really low, I consider what number of hours I would be prepared to work for the fee and ask myself could I do a job that I would be prepared to put my name to in that time frame.

For me this type of approach depersonalises the fees negotiation situation and keeps it 'strictly business.'
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