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Re: Music on YouTube

Postby OneWorld » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:13 pm

CS70 wrote:
OneWorld wrote:I guess what i am getting at is, does the PRS differentiate between which kind of mechanical artefact actually plays the music - a gramophone, a juke box (HDD) or a streamer?


A big challenge for the big streamers was how complicated the system was in the face of thef fact that computers allow uploads of thousands of compositions per day, as opposite to "old times" were compositions were deposited manually . In the US this has just been fixed...

Yep and the worst of it is, the likes of iTunes et al takes the biggest cut. I remember reading a quote by Pete Waterman who having latched onto streaming and it's potential decided to re-release "Never Gonna Give You Up" and to his delight got about 75,000 plays within a day or so, then he discovered the payment he got for that would just about buy him a new set of buffer stops for his train set. OK, we know he won't be reduced to a life in penury, but I got his point, seems YT etc is more a showcase than a revenue stream, but that's another topic.

Thanks for your help anyway
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