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Re: Music Shops

Postby Music Wolf » Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:39 pm

Sam Spoons wrote: I also go to Sounds Great, likewise knowledgeable and helpful staff and great stock.

When I first discovered Sounds Great I couldn't believe how helpful they were compared to what I had been used in Warrington. I've had 2 PRS (one core, one SE), a US standard Strat, a Parker and at least one combo from them.

Sound Affects Premier in Ormskirk are my new, preferred, music shop. I just don't go in too often as I do need to hold some money back for food (is there any nutritional value to be had from the cardboard boxes used to ship guitars?)
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Re: Music Shops

Postby Kwackman » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:52 pm

Music Wolf wrote:
Wonks wrote:Dawsons. A store I have very few positive experiences of.

Spare a thought for those of us who grew up in Warrington (home to the original store) and consider that their service used to be a lot, lot, worse than it is now.

There's a Dawson's branch in Belfast.
I've had nothing but good service from them, although I'm not in that often.
A few years ago when I was making a decision to buy a relatively expensive acoustic guitar, the salesman/manager was more than helpful, including sending me home to think about it for a few days. He did get a sale a few days later!

We also have another local shop, Matchetts, who I've bought most of my guitars from.
Again, excellent service over many years.

Obviously YMMV.
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Re: Music Shops

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:07 pm

The Bunk wrote:Massive Anderton's fan here; I was in there last week, having not been for a while, and it just reminded me of the actual pleasure of just going in there.
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I have never met a member of staff in that store who doesn't know their stuff.
- - - -
I just love going there for the whole "shopping" experience; maybe I'm old-fashioned.

I was in there yesterday to get a controller keyboard and entirely agree with all of the above comments. I live in London but on a fast train Guildford is only 37 minutes away, nearer in time than many places in London. I like Guildford and there are places to have coffee and cake and it is also a day out - it is so easy to get cabin fever when you are freelance musician.


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