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Songwriter radio royalty rates in Europe particularly Switzerland?

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Songwriter radio royalty rates in Europe particularly Switzerland?

Postby danproducerman » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:48 pm

Hey folks

So myself and my co-writer have a song that has been cut by a girl group based in Switzerland that has been released by their record label as a single and it is doing reasonably well in terms of national radio AirPlay over there. It is on heavy rotation across some of their main radio stations as well as the smaller online stations too. It is averaging in total anywhere between 12 - 15 plays a day across the country and since early November has amassed over 200 spins.

We are self published on this song at present and is registered with PRS/MCPS and we’re trying to get an idea of the average royalties this maybe generating as it’ll be several months until we start see any income come via PRS. I know on PRS website they give a breakdown on UK station rates but I can’t find any idea on where to look for rates for Europe. PRS don’t list them. We’ve even tried SUISA the Swiss collection society but frankly their website is a jungle to find the information we’re after.

So does anybody have any idea or experience of what to expect or even where we can find this information or how royalties are calculated overseas?

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Cheers everyone

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