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Switching Collection societies

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Switching Collection societies

Postby lovesexy » Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:00 pm

Hi all

I made the switch from PRS to SACEM in 2017 and was told by PRS that despite me asking for my contract to be terminated in Nov 2017, they'd be representing me until only 30/06/2017. Apparently SACEM would commence my agreement on this date despite my application with them finally being accepted in Jan 2018. Now the SACEM are saying this is nonsense and that they can;t retroactively claim for anything. In short, they can only claim royalties from the date of my contract eg 21/01/2018. This means that I have 6 months of royalties owed to me.
I'm just wondering, have any of you had the experience of switching societies? I'd love to know how others have fared! Suffice to say, I'm livid!
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