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La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

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La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

Postby fy sidykfyktuk » Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:29 pm

Should really be illegal to publish this kind of gear porn...
:-D ... enos-aires
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Re: La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

Postby Forum Admin » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:00 pm

:) Click on the images and they enlarge... :blush:
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Re: La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

Postby Zukan » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:37 am

fy sidykfyktuk wrote:Should really be illegal to publish this kind of gear porn...
:-D ... enos-aires

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Re: La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

Postby Martin Walker » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:33 pm

I doubt that the stereo imaging is very good in that room, but hey - who cares when you've got that amount of drool-worthy gear to play around with! :beamup:

Nice to see a few old-fashioned signal generators at front left too - a real dose of nostalgia.

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Re: La Siesta del Fauno, Buenos Aires

Postby ernestoromeo » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:43 am

Hi all! :bouncy:
I´m Ernesto Romeo, founder of the electronic music group Klauss (1988-today) and La Siesta Del Fauno Laboratory-Studio (since 2011, in the city of Buenos Aires).
It was a pleasure to make the note for SOS with Hannes Bieger, whom I met at his studio in Berlin in 2016 and who then came to La Siesta Del Fauno on each of his subsequent trips to Argentina.
When we created La Siesta Del Fauno with my partner, the sound engineer Pablo Gil, we thought about enhancing everything that my previous labs had meant (dedicated almost exclusively to work with synthesizers and electronic instruments) with spaces to record also acoustic instruments (our first acquisitions as partners were a Bössendorfer piano and a Lexicon 480!) and voices and to make mixes and, eventually, mastering.
The main control and mixing room is also Klauss' rehearsal, producing and composing room and is conceived as a multifunctional work space and, despite being spacious, it is overflowed with synthesizers, keyboards and electronic instruments, hahaha.
In addition to the main room we have the recording room (or live room) and a smaller studio dedicated mainly to work with contemporaneous equipment.
The space is more inspired by something like the Nemo Studios that Vangelis had in London than in a recording studio and mix more "aseptic", but still we have taken care of the sound to make mixes in such a way that all the activities are compatible and so that it gives very good results (even other producers and recording technicians come to carry out their projects to our studio) even with the restrictions of such a particular configuration.
Our idea was, from the beginning, to put all our equipment at the disposal of as many artists as possible and to make the studio accessible to all kinds of people and, indeed, we recorded from mainstream bands and projects in Argentina as underground or independent projects and we also work with artists from several other countries (some of which are cited in the SOS article).
And another important task is that we give classes, courses, workshops, seminars and conferences since we are very interested in the exchange of knowledge.
I leave here (for real nerdies!) a list of the equipment of La Siesta Del Fauno and, of course, are all welcome!

Synthesizers, samplers:
- Moog Modular System, MemoryMoog Plus, MiniMoog Model D, MiniMoog Voyager XL, The Source, Taurus 3, Mother 32, Opus 3
- Roland JX10 (Super JX) & JX8P + PG800 Programmer, Jupiter 4, Modular System 100m, JD800, JD990, Juno 60, SH101, SH2, TB303, MC202, VP330 Vocoder Plus, GR300 (x2) & GR100 Guitar Synthesizers
- Yamaha CS80, CS40m, CS01, SK50D, DX1, TX802, TG77
- Korg PS3300, MS50, MS20, Mono/Poly, PE1000, X-911 Guitar Synthesizer, VC10 Vocoder, DW8000, Wavestation A/D, Z3 Guitar Synthesizer
- E.M.S. Synthi AKS, VCS3 The Putney
- Eµ Modular System, E-Mu Emulator II+, Emulator 4 E-Synth, Emax II Turbo
- Sequential Circuits Prophet T8, Prophet 5, Prophet VS, Pro-One
- Oberheim OB-Xa, Xpander, S.E.M. CPS1 Synthesizer Expander Module
- ARP 2600, Solina String Synthesizer
- PPG Wave 2.2
- Steiner Parker Synthacon
- RSF Kobol
- Waldorf Wave
- Technosaurus Selector Custom Modular System C
- Arturia MatrixBrute, MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, MiniBrute SE, MicroBrute SE
- Clavia Nord Stage 2, Nord Modular G2
- Dave Smith PolyEvolver 8 Voices System (KYBD + Rack)
- Pioneer / Dave Smith Toraiz AS-1
- Novation Bass Station II - Kawai K5000W + Macro Control, K5m, 100F (Teisco)
- Kurzweil K2500 RS, Kurzweil K1200 PRO1, K150
- Teenage Engineering OP-1
- Ensoniq SQ80
- Núcleo Modular System
- SeboSynths Modular System
- ANTONUS 2600
- AKAI MPC1000
- Casio CZ 1
- MFB SynthLite II
- PAiA FatMan
- Commodore / SID Synth
- Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano
- Multivox MX450
- Elka Rhapsody 610
- Farfisa Synthorchestra
- Dubreq Stylophone
- Synth Werk R. A. Moog 901 VCO
- Eurorack Modular System: Music Things Modular Turing Machine, SeboSynths FM VCO, Baldi MMS Active Multiple, Arturia RackBrute & Power 3U.
- Heathkit valve IG82 Sine/Square Generator, IG72 Sine Audio Generator

Mellotron Model 400

Organs: - Hammond M3
- Yamaha YC45D
- Farfisa Compact
- Philips Philicorda GM751

Electric Pianos:
- Yamaha CP70
- Fender Rhodes Mark I w/ Dyno-My-Piano mod
- Wurlitzer Model 200

Acoustic Piano Bössendorfer

Clavinet Hohner D6
Clavioline MaestroVox, Univox

Electronic Drums:
- Roland TR909, TR808, TR606, CR78 + Programmer, CR8000 & CR8000 Custom MIDI, PD20 Drum Pad
- LinnDrum LM 2
- Oberheim DX
- E-Mu Drumulator
- Boss DR55 Doctor Rhythm
- Univox SR95
- Korg SR120
- Casio RZ 1
- Simmons SDS1000, SDS 5 (SDSV), SDS Drum Pads
- Arturia DrumBrute, DrumBrute Impact
- Alesis SR16

- Gibson Les Paul Custom (Cherry Sunburst 1977)
- Roland G303, G505 (x2, Sunburst & Metallic Blue, 1980)
- Ibanez X-ING IMG2010 MIDI
- Ovation Custom Legend Model 1619 (steel strings, 1978), Classic Model 1613 (nylon strings, 1978)
- Herrera (steel strings concert guitar)

- Moog 960 Sequential Controller, 962 Sequential Switch
- ARP Sequencer 1621
- ANTONUS Step Brother, ARP 1601 Custom
- Korg SQ10
- Roland CSQ100, MSQ700, MC4, MC500
- Electro Harmonix Step Program Sequencer
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Casio SZ1
- Alesis MTT8
- Kawai Q80EX
- EMS KS Keyboard-Sequencer

Processors: - Lexicon 480L + LARC, PCM70, PCM91, LPX 1, LPX 5 Digital Multi-effects, MRC MIDI controller
- Eventide H-3000SE Harmonizer & Digital Multi Effects
- Focusrite Red 3 Dual Compressor
- SPL Qure Parametric Equalizer
- SSL XLogic Alpha Channel, XR625 EQ
- Neve Portico 5043 Dual Compressor, 5012 Dual Preamp
- Roland RE 201 Space Echo Tape Delay/Reverb, RE20 Digital Space Echo, SDE 3000 Digital Delay
- Korg SDD 2000 Digital Delay/Sampler, SDD 3000 Digital Delay Pedal, DRV 1000 Digital Reverb, PME40 System
- Musitronics Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, Audiophonics Mu-Tron III
- Maestro Oberheim RM-1B Ring Modulator, PS-1 Phase Shifter, MSP Stage Phaser, MP Phaser
- Moog/Big Briar Moogerfooger MF 101 Lowpass Filter, MF 102 Ring Modulator, MF 103 Twelve Stage Phaser, MF 104z y MF104m Analog Delays
- Synth Werk Bode Ring Modulator
- HHB FatMan Stereo Compressor
- Neotek SERIES II Dual Pre-Amp/EQ
- Bi-Amp dual 11 Band Graphic Equalizers
- MXR Digital Delay, Analog Delay, Phaser 100, Stereo Chorus, Digital Reverb, Flanger, Blue Box Octave/Fuzz, Envelope Filter, Dyna Comp, Distortion Plus (x2), Noise Gate/Line Driver, Dual 11 Band Graphic Equalizer, 10 Band Graphic Equalizer
- Electro Harmonix Bad Stone, Small Stone Phaser (x2), Memory Man, Memory Man Deluxe, Memory Man Deluxe TT550 & Memory Boy Analog Delays, Electric Mistress Flanger, Graphic Fuzz
- Mediamix Spatial Manipulator
- Boss CE 1 Chorus/Ensemble, CE 2 Chorus, CE 5 Chorus/Ensamble, PD 1 Rocker Distortion, FW 3 Wha Wha
- FMR Audio RNC1773 Really Nice Compressor
- Cluster Spiral 48 Phaser (x2), Cosmos Vibe 13 Chorus/Vibrato/Trémolo, Starfox 88 Fuzz, Spirit 92 Chorus, Pulstar Trémolo, Voices 2 Auto Wah, Tsunami 9 Overdrive
- SonAr FX TimeBox (x2)
- Luma Trueno Stereo Trémolo/Ring Modulator
- Dédalo Módulo Lunar Phaser
- Plugged It Psycho Jumper Analog Delay/Digital Reverb, Bi Border Chorus
- Sythoma élkorus
- TC Electronics M300
- Cry Baby Wha Wha
- Dean Markley Voice Box
- Danelectro Dan Echo
- Digitech RDS 2000 Time Machine Digital Delay
- D.O.D. DFX 91 Digital Delay/Sampler - Alesis Microverb II, XT:c Digital Reverb
- Demeter Amplification TRM 1 Tremulator

Speakers, monitors, power amps:
- Focal Twin B6
- Altec – Lansing Model 14
- JBL e100
- Leslie 120 Rotaring Speaker
- Fender Twin Reverb
- Crown D150
- Revox B 750 MKII
- Samson Servo 250

Mixers: - DDA AMR-24 (36+24 - 24+2+1)
- SSL The Matrix Super Analogue System
- Studiomaster St.A.R.
- Yamaha MG166CX, MG12/4FX, MG10 (x2)

Audio interfaces & Digital Recorders:
- SSL MADI Xtreme + Alpha Link SX (24x24)
- Lynx Aurora 16 + Lynx LT-MADI
- MOTU 2408, UltraLite MK-III
- Alesis ADAT XT 20

Tape Recorders:
- Revox A77, B77
- Marconi
- Grundig

MIDI & Control Voltage devices:
- Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece AV, MIDI Xpress, MIDI Time Piece II, Fast Lane
- Roland MPU 101 (MIDI/CV), MPU 104 (MIDI IN Selector), SBX 80 (MIDI/Sync./SMPTE/Tape), OP 8 (CV/DCB), GM70 GR MIDI Converter
- Korg KMS 30 MIDI/Sync./Tape,
- Volt KlausSync MIDI-Sync-Trigger, 1x6 MIDI Thru Box
- Ibanez MC1 GR MIDI Converter
- Reloop Keypad
- Amiga MIDI Interface
- Casio 2x8 MIDI Thru Box
- 360 Systems Slavedriver frequency follower (x2)
- Moog 950 Keyboard, 956 Ribbon Controller, 958 Pedal Controller, MP201MIDI/CV/USB controller, Moog/Big Briar Moogerfooger CP 251
- Mediamix CV Joystick
- Yamaha BC1 Breath Controller
- Heathkit valve IM22 Audio Analyzer
- Kawai MM16 MIDI controller/mIxer

Conn Strobotuner

- Apple Macintosh Pro (x2 unidades), MacBook Pro 13” & 17”, Mac Mini, iMac G3, iBook G3, Power Macintosh G3 266, Macintosh SE/30, Macintosh Classic
- Commodore 64k, Amiga 500
- Yamaha CX5 M II Music Computer + YK10 Music Keyboard
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