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New to PRS and PPL, Help!

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New to PRS and PPL, Help!

Postby RyanMcNally » Tue May 14, 2019 8:43 am

Hey all,
I apologise in advance I am new to this and m probably asking some silly questions but I'm a bit stuck!

I'm a singer/songwriter and last year I released an album through the distribution company Ditto Music.
The distribution generated ISRC codes which I registered onto PRS, giving details of the songs.

After doing this I heard about Sentric Music (The Publishing Company). I signed up to use their site to use the opportunities provided on the site, but duplicates were made of all my songs on PRS, splitting the royalties 50/50 and giving 100% mechanical royalties to them.

I found MCPS very hard to understand and do not know if, as an artist, I should be using it.

I then heard about PPL and was told I should be using them too, so I've registered with them and I am waiting for that to come through.

My music had been played on the radio multiple times and it's annoying me because I known what I should be earning.

How can I test to see if PRS and PPL knows where my music audio and video is being played?
Where (if I even have to) do I claim radio play?
When claiming for live performances both Sentric and PRS want me to claim through them, which do I choose?

Is there an easier way around all of this, I'm having a nightmare, and no one I speak to seems to have the answers either!

Thanks for reading,
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