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Licensing Clause

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Licensing Clause

Postby JRocker » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:30 am


I have a licensing contract I am signing for my tracks to be available for sync opps, it's fairly straight forward and easy to understand, but there is one sentence in a clause that I'm a little confused about. This is the sentence:

"The Artist grants the Publisher during the Term a non-exclusive, sub-licensable licence throughout the world to pitch the Tracks to third parties (Third Parties) for the purposes of synchronising the Tracks".

So the deal is for a non-exclusive licensing deal. From my understanding, the publisher in this example "person who is being given the licence from the artist" is allowed to also allowed to sub-licence the licence to a third party, am I correct? In this case does it mean the Artist still gets his share from the licensing fee is the 'sub-licensee' manages to get a track licenced or not?
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Re: Licensing Clause

Postby blinddrew » Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:21 am

Yes you're correct that you're allowing sub-licencing (which allows for a UK company to act via its US arm for example), but there should be another clause somewhere that talks about how income from sub-licencees is handled. It might just be a statement in the accounts bit that says they're handled the same (or subject to local taxes first).

[EDIT to add: I am not a lawyer, don't take this as legal advice! :) ]
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