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help with contracts.....

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help with contracts.....

Postby chiara » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:29 am

I'm an a singer/songwriter in a management and publishing company. My contract is korean so it has different laws, it is not strict as America but at the same time it is so complicated.The company besides letting me use its resources doesn't manage or have people who manage the music department nor searches gigs for me, and worse thing it doesn t invest on me by looking for a professional producer or agent or other things. The success of my music is all made from me and other musicians that i managed personally.
I just released 2 mini albums with warner music as distributor but my company on its side doesnt have enough teams and resources to promote well After 1 week of publishing the videos the views achieved beteween 400-800, thanks to my firends and family and the company, but after 1 month the view didnt go up, so i'm doubting what my compnay can do... So, i'm trying to promote by myself through my youtube channel and other social medias. Also, In Korea companies pay the living expanses of the artists, especially if foreigners. My company doesnt pay anything, only sponsors my visa.
QUESTION: since i'm managing my own websites, can i make an amateur music video with an original song made acoustically, not published by the company, and post it on youtube? So, what i'm saying can i write other songs and post them independently on my channel without the company's permission and without them requesting a share of my image right, if my video makes a lot of views etc.. I hope my question is not stupid, but i have this big doubt... thank you
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Re: help with contracts.....

Postby CS70 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:09 pm

Not a super expert, but I think it really depends on your contract: if you have signed an exclusive publishing deal, all your output belongs to your publisher for the duration of the contract.

For what they seem to be doing - unless you get an actual income from them - it seems you are far better off with a distribution company, which acts as a mere administrator in exchange of a small percentage of any revenues.
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Re: help with contracts.....

Postby shufflebeat » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:30 pm

2 main variables:

What's in the contract?
What does local law say about what's in the contract?

In order to clarify your own position you need to know something about these two things. It can become a major investment of time but you can be pretty sure you're the only person in this position. Problem is the group may not be coordinated, like in a union.

Sometimes the most useful part of a contract is the "term", i.e., if/when it runs out so you can get on with your life.

Small suggestion - it may be that you have ideas for a song but your contract runs out next year. "Write" it next year.

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