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Licensing Music (IPI/CAE)

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Licensing Music (IPI/CAE)

Postby Elwest » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:29 pm


I'm not sure this is the correct thread for this.
Basically I am a producer and have made with a song with an artist, I've produced the beat and He has done the vocals.

He has the music license on BMI however I don't, and he's asked me to provide him with my IPI number so that we can split the royalties.

My question is - is this necessary? As I'm the producer, do we both need to pay for licensing?

I've never registered my beats however recognise it may be different as this is a collaboration.

If this is unclear let me know!

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Re: Licensing Music (IPI/CAE)

Postby Ken P » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:20 am


I'll assume you're in the UK for the purposes of this reply.

Firstly, join PRS for Music as a 'writer'. PRS for Music collect royalties arising from two events:
1. Broadcast
2. Duplication

Broadcast means radio, TV, etc. and duplication is an event whereby your track is duplicated (copied) for a compilation, tv or film sync, etc. Us oldies call the latter 'mechanicals' and there used to be a collection org called Mechanical Copyright blah blah blah (MCPS). Now they are merged to create PRS for Music but its still a crock of

Here is the link to join PRS for Music

Years ago they wouldn't let just anyone join, you had to be recommended by an existing member as a bona fide composer/whatever. Nice, eh?

A third royalty arises from the performance of a track you have produced/composed or partially composed as in live on stage or whatever. This is covered in the UK by PPL. Search that at your whim, but you're never gonna get much out of it as a producer / beat maker.

So, when you have joined PRS for Music, you'll get a CAE number. Agree the split with your collaborator, give him your CAE number and trust them to correctly enter the split against a correctly entered record of your joint composition.


Then wait for the money to flow in.
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