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Discuss publishing on underground electronic dance music

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Discuss publishing on underground electronic dance music

Postby BlueGuy » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:25 pm

My experience is that underground electronic dance music labels want a 50% cut of publishing for life of copyright for releases, nowadays. I suppose that's the label's way of guaranteeing a continued living for themselves... Which I of course can understand in a way, especially now in the days of streaming revenue, but for "life of copyright" seems a bit harsh... especially for electronic dance music, where the master licensing usually seems to be for 10 years and the hunt for "fresh and new music" is extreme. The shelf-life isn't very good, although streaming has extended the long tail concept obviously.

You guys who release underground electronic music, is the publishing setup above your experience as well? :?:

When in one's career could one expect to be able to negotiate time-limited publishing rights for the label? "When" (if!) one has become a world famous techno DJ? And how does it work, should you then start a publishing company, assign all your own tracks to your own publishing company and tell labels "Guys, I'll be happy to license you the master, but I'm doing my own publishing. Take it or leave it."? Or maybe you'll just run your own label (and publishing) when you're famous enough, circumventing the whole label thing.

I would love some feedback and experiences from other underground electronic producers. :) Publishing is so central for revenue, but I have had a hard time finding modern-day experience from others in the dance music community.
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