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Mach Five sampler installation question

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Mach Five sampler installation question

Postby ibliss » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:17 pm

We have a project that an incoming artist wants to use MachFive v3 software sampler on and is planning to hire a couple of Mac computers with MachFive.

As we already own a couple of 2012 2,5Ghz, 16GB mac minis with SSD Drives, I've suggested that we download and install MachFive on to those a just rent the iLok dongles with the licence from Studiohire.

It's my assumption that the downloads from the MOTU website will allow full installation, without any original software discs or licence codes and the the hired iLok will actually let us run the software. I can't see why it wouldn't work this way (that the point of the iLok system after all) but wondered if there is anything I should be aware of.

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