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Using Android phone as an audio input on Mac with WO Mic (Wireless Mic) Android app?

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Using Android phone as an audio input on Mac with WO Mic (Wireless Mic) Android app?

Postby David_Youngs » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:03 pm

Just wondered if anyone had managed to figure out how to get WO Mic up and running on a Mac (not Windows) and appearing as a usable audio device within the OS and thus also usable via recording software like Steinberg Cubase / Propellerhead Reason etc.

If you don't know the app, its a relatively simple and nifty app to send audio from a phone mic over either WiFi, Bluetooth or USB (some options only work on certain OS) - see

I have the Android app installed and running on my phone, and the installed WO Mic Mac Client can connect to it just fine - when I tick 'Play In Speaker' in the Mac Client, I can hear the (slightly delayed) audio through the Mac's speakers. So far so good, that's pretty much what the app is designed to do.

But I would love to use the phone mic as an input for recording apps - my phone has got a really good trashy quality as a room mic for drum tracking for example, and it would be ace to have it appear as a selectable input within the application.

Sure, I *could* just record a WAV/MP3 file locally to the phone using some other droid recorder app and bounce the file over, line it up in sync with the other kit mics. But that's time-consuming and if I recorded multiple takes I'd have to make very good notes about what file recorded on the phone matched which take in the Mac DAW software.

Any ideas anyone? If I could get the WO Mic client to appear as an interface in the OS, it should just be available to any application on the Mac.

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