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Single thread vs Multi thread scores.

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Single thread vs Multi thread scores.

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 8:36 am
I am researching a replacement option for my old iMac. I am unsure of the implications of these scores in terms of how it affect me.

The choices I am looking at are:

2012 iMac 3909sc 12880mc

2012 MacMini 3513sc 11573mc

2010 5.1 MacPro 6core 3002sc 13408mc

these are geek bench scores.

My usage will include LR/PS, Logic DAW (modest projects) And possibly a little video editing, but nothing serious. The rest will be everyday stuff and some website work.

Whichever of the above I go for I would be looking for an SSD as a primary drive, and 16gb ram as a minimum.

Any advice would be welcome.