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Sonarworks Reference 4 "preventing sleep" on OS 10.13.6

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Sonarworks Reference 4 "preventing sleep" on OS 10.13.6

Postby Watchmaker » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:28 am

Recently I've been having issues with my 2013 iMac not recovering from sleep. When I'm done with my session, I go to finder and select "sleep" and get the expected behavior.

When I come back and click my kybd, mouse or trackpad, the computer may or may not respond. Sometimes I have to manually restart, sometimes it reboots on its own.

I did a wee bit of research and decided my best bet was SOS denizens. I'm not deeply a Mac guy but I'm well versed in windows and hold a CISA, so I can keep up. First I ran terminal pmset -g to see what the sleep parameters were to verify the sleep attribute was "0". Unexpectedly I saw the text "(sleep prevented by coreaudio, coreaudiod)"

A little more research lead me to Activity Monitor and the Energy tab. Sure enough Reference 4 Systemwide is preventing sleep. Interestingly, when I open the directory (whatever Mac people call it when you drill down the menu...) there are three instances of "Reference 4 Systemwide Helper," none of which are preventing sleep.

Any clue as the whether this is a config item I can supress or should I report a bug to Sonarworks?


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