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Logic X Midi Environment Question HELP

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Logic X Midi Environment Question HELP

Postby harky » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:23 pm


I am routing a Suzuki Q Chord into Logic via din Midi.
Q Chord spits out a LOT of midi info (tempo / drums / bass / chords / pitchbend etc..)

I've filtered the midi with the following Logic Environment patch:

Code: Select all
Phsyical Input [MIDI IN ON INTERFACE]  > Monitor > Channel Splitter
then I split:
Route A - [BASS CH9] > Monitor > (Soft) Bass Synth > Monitor > Sequencer Input
Route B - [STRUMPLATE CH14+15+16] > Monitor > (Soft) Poly Synth > Monitor > Sequencer Input

This works fine for playing.
The Bass goes to Bass Synth.
The Strumplate goes to the Poly Synth. :thumbup:

But when I ARM to record, the midi from Channels 9+14+15+16 begins flowing to both Channel strips and thus to both Synth Audio Unit Plugins.

If I remove the cable to the SEQUENCER INPUT then No Midi is recorded at all.
I've also tried putting a channel splitter after the channel strip and filtering off the channels again before they go into the channel splitter but it makes no difference.

And how to fix?

thank you!

Thank you
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Re: Logic X Midi Environment Question HELP

Postby desmond » Tue Feb 18, 2020 10:02 pm

Anything you want to record to the sequencer *has* to go to the Sequencer Input.

If you route incoming MIDI directly to channel strip objects, you can play them, but you can't record that data (because you've routed it around the sequencer part of Logic).

If you want to play two different instruments at the same time from two different sources (or MIDI channels), you should be using Logic's Multiplayer record mode:- ... cp8a4693ee
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