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Specs good enough for Spitfire BBC?

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Specs good enough for Spitfire BBC?

Postby erikpost » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:48 pm

Hi people! I need some help choosing which library I will purchase!

I have a Hackintosh with 32gb ram and a i5 5700 quadcore (and more than enough tb). The recommended specs are 16gb ram and a i7 hexacore cpu.

Now I really like the BBC VST, but don't know if my pc can deal with the 'heavyness' of it, or should I consider purchasing a 'lighter' VST like the Spitfire Studio Orchestra.

What kind of trouble will I encounter when I want to compose with the BBC VST with these specs? Will my music 'stutter', or will it take long to load, or not play at all? Is it wise to do this purchase, or should I save up for this hexacore...? I can't seem to find any answer I can understand (so please, keep it simple... I'm no whizzkid...)

Thanks a heap!!

Erik (Netherlands)
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Re: Specs good enough for Spitfire BBC?

Postby redlester » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:09 am

I'm using BBC SO on an i7 Mac mini with 16GB RAM. It works fine for me, with the below caveats.

I use it with Spitfire's "hybrid Logic template", see here: ... mplates-03
This utilises Logic's dynamic plugin loading, so it loads up with all tracks turned off and unloaded from RAM, until you actually turn any on as and when needed. You can keep an eye on it in Activity Monitor to see if it's pushing things too far by turning too much on at once. Remember there is always the option to bounce tracks to audio if you need more.

On the above spec machine I can play the full version of Christian Henson's "Trois Gnossiennes" demo Logic project without any glitches. See here: ... tral-music

I would think the main unknown for you would be the i5 processor, am not sure if that might cause problems. Check with Spitfire support before ordering?

Also, I would say hold off for a little while, but make sure the product is in your "Wish List" on the Spitfire site. They normally have a "Wish List Sale" around this time of year where you can get whatever is in your list for up to 40% off. BBC was not included in the Christmas sale, because it was such a new flagship product, but I have a feeling it might be included in the next one. If you can wait longer, their Black Friday sales are usually the best time of all to buy. You should never need to pay full price for any Spitfire product, they have that many sales and promotions. Keep an eye on their social media.
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