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Postby DanielBeach » Thu May 21, 2020 8:59 pm


A bit of an open-ended and random question here, but if anybody wants to share their thoughts/processes I'd be grateful for any help or suggestions.

I'm a professional musician, but an amateur (although relatively knowledgeable) as far as music tech goes. I have produced a couple of albums, but simple stuff.

In 'real life' I mainly work in Musical Theatre and education, so it's useful to be able to produce good backing tracks.

My current workflow is maybe not as good as it could be:

I mainly use an external MIDI keyboard to programme into Logic Pro X in real time, and then edit afterwards. (Current controller is Impact LX88+ (it's okay but, as a professional pianist, rather lacking in the touch and velocity control department.)

I'm working on various very diverse projects, from a podcast music commission to a sample-library based full orchestral backing of the "Major General's Song" from Pirates of Penzance. It's a varied life....

For the orchestral stuff, I seem to spend AGES after playing going through and tweaking note velocities one by one in the Piano roll. As far as more "modern" styles go, stuff which is beat/pattern/song based, I still tend to input stuff in the same kind of way.

I wonder if anybody has any suggestions of other ways of doing things, from their own experience, which I could try out? Or thoughts on how I'm doing things, and any really obvious suggestions about shortcuts and easier ways of doing what I do?!

Many thanks,

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Re: Workflow....

Postby desmond » Thu May 21, 2020 9:32 pm

DanielBeach wrote:For the orchestral stuff, I seem to spend AGES after playing going through and tweaking note velocities one by one in the Piano roll.

For what purpose? Is it to even out uneven playing, or to micro-manage the feel of a part? Or to add some dynamics that you can't get from your keyboard?

if you're doing a lot of tedious editing and that's not fun, there might be other approaches that might be worth trying - ranging from - keep practising/playing until you can play the parts much closer to how you want to hear them, to dont' sweat the small stuff so much and do super detailed editing, concentrate on the bigger picture instead, and so on.

Or if you want specific editing workflows, then efficient editing is al about key commands, and combining edit tools and windows and using the best tool for the specific task, even if that means flitting between edit windows and other tools - not to mention, actually getting to know the various available tools and what they are good for...
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