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Tip for MBP 2019

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Tip for MBP 2019

PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:50 am
by Howdy Doody Time
On the 2019 MBP there are two USBC/Thunderbolt ports either side of the machine. You won't have much that plugs in here so you will buy hubs. Odd things happen from time to time such as your SSD drive formatted Exfat will not appear to have mounted. Or your USB keyboard doesn't register as being available to your DAW, or your USB dongle doesn't register.

The solution to all these things appears to be to switch over to the other side, of the machine that is, and use the other hub. It may be that if too much is going on in one hub (HDMI, 3 USB, and Thunderbolt all connected) then switching to a less busy hub will do the trick.

Worked twice for me today. (Exfat not appearing, and USB Keyboard taking a break)