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iMac clean up System files?

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iMac clean up System files?

Postby james090 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:13 am

I'm using a 2011 16GB iMac with an internal 128GB SSD that runs fine, so I am reluctant to upgrade to a latest Mac with the possibility that some of my older plugs that won't work etc and the whole re-install process.

So my question is, my Internal 128GB SSD is getting rather full, but I do use 3 x USB Drives hanging off this iMac. All my recordings etc go to external drives.

Again I am reluctant to change out the 128GB SSD as i'm not that computer literate, and again it would mean re-installing everything etc.

I have 40GB left on the 128GB drive, but what exactly can be deleted in the System files which are 53GB? I am trying to get down any files that I don't need and optimize the system a little.

Any tips for someone on 10.13.6 (again reluctant to upgrade as its all working fine) but just to do some housekeeping, as I don't use iTunes, email app, photos, calendar, as its an Audio machine.
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Re: iMac clean up System files?

Postby desmond » Tue Oct 27, 2020 10:32 am

Smallish SSDs are affordable these days. You don’t need to reinstall anything, just clone your old system to the new drive.

As for stuff taking up space, there are tools you can use to show you this (eg WhatSize) but usually the main culprits are your Applications folder, root and user Library stuff (sample content is often a big one) and your own user files...
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