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Kontakt added library prefs.

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Kontakt added library prefs.

Postby Starqz » Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:28 pm


Let me first ask my question.
I like to which files in Mac OS are written /modified when a kontakt library is added via Kontakt's 'add library button'.
What is/are the files?

For those who want to know why I am asking this, let me explain

I have an older mac and an m1 macbook.
All my Daws, music and lots of other stuff are stored/installed on my older macbook.

My goal is to migrate all the stuff I need from my older macbook to the m1 macbook pro.

First try:
I made a complete backup of all my files on the older mac and migrated the back-up into my m1 macbook pro.
Result; everything worked. I could load up Kontakt in my Daw and open all my libraries.

I migrated far more than I needed so I decided to migrate only the apps and stuff I needed, so this time I migrated specific files.

Second try:
I made a backup of all the files I need and excluded a log of stuff which I Don'g need anymore.
Result: Kontakt says the Library has to be added first.

When I migrated all my data Kontakt could open libraries.
When I migrated partially Kontakt could not open the libraries.
So there must be something written in some file in Mac OS when a library is added on Kontakt.

I know I can activate libraries in Native Access but that's not my question since I am planning to use migration a lot on the future I like to know which right files to migrate and activating.

I love to use migration assistand. If done right all is good in one go

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