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Sound sampling for percussion purpose

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Sound sampling for percussion purpose

Postby hardminder » Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:47 am

Hi, I have a simple question that I think could be easily answer but I just don't seem to be able to formulate it correctly for a Google research.

I am looking for a VST, that could help me edit, split and process my percussive samples and that would allow me to assign them on different zones on a keyboard.

SO, to break it down. I record samples of various thing in life like metallic hits, steps, stumps etc. I know I could manually trim them one after the other, save them, load them in another sampler (which I have yet to fin anyway) and play it but I'm am confident that there is an ''all in one'' VST out there. I would like to find one that would allow me to drop those samples in, be able to trim them, down pitch them, adjust the attack and assign the sound to a keyboard note or zone. I would like to be able to load several samples in the same vst instance and spread the different samples across the keyboard. Now Battery 4 can pretty much do all of that but that's where it gets tricky. I would like to be able to have inserts effects for each samples within the VST. That way I don't have to struggle with multi audio out from one instrument channel or midi channels etc, I have a hard time handling this stuff.

There are tons of vsts out there and I can't believe there is not one suited for a not so complicated task.

I've tried:
-Serato, great for long samples for hip hop for example but not to load multiples samples
-Battery 4 works pretty good too but not enough fx features.

All your suggestions are welcomed. Also, I am welling to learn and be teached, if you have a better alternative, if something escaped my grasp.

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Re: Sound sampling for percussion purpose

Postby N i g e l » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:57 pm

Currently I am chopping up a recording of "bin day" made on a hand held recorder for the purpose of samples.

Im using Audacity to edit the files - seems ok; Im making the switch from Soundforge which Ive been using for years.

I use the TX16Wx sampler VST, which is comprehensive but might have too steep a learning curve for basic use.

For percussion, you might want to use multi sampling to reduce the machine gun effect on repeated notes and have velocity layers to addd some dynamics.
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