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Soundcraft Notepad 102 to Emu 0404 PCI

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Re: Soundcraft Notepad 102 to Emu 0404 PCI

Postby Wossname » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:17 pm

gosnis wrote:Here is a image of the mixer, if it helps.
I was thinking of sending the Mic to the Soundcard via the Aux send.
Then sending the sound cards line out back to the mixer, on its own channel. Then sending the Mix lineout to the Amp. And finally i would monitor via Headphones on the Headphone out.

Would this work for the purpose of voice-over and editing?

Why not use the "Recording Out" and "2track return" for what they were 'made' - connecting to a stereo soundcard? :-)

That way you don't have to mess with muting/fading tracks.
Anything that goes into the mixer on any channel can be recorded, and the return from the computer you can route to headphones (for your own silent monitoring) or to the amp connected to the Mon outputs?
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