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processor change?

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Re: processor change?

Postby trailmixxx » Fri Apr 15, 2011 2:46 pm

Do it! It will be a noticeable improvement. And for a DAW, more cores is always better.
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Re: processor change?

Postby il Padrino » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:58 am

Are you running out of processor power at the moment using your current CPU? If not, you won't notice any difference. The extra cores will come in useful when you start to use more FX etc., or when more processor grunt is needed.

A 'possible' downside to upgrading to the chip you've mentioned is that the cores run at 2.2 rather than your current 2.7; hence, when only using one or two cores, your PC may run very slightly slower. Whether you'd notice this would depend on what programs you are using. The extra 1mb cache may make up some of that difference in real term computing (am sure those in the know will be able to confirm that or indeed point out it isn't the case). Is that extra cache L2 or L3?

In short, it depends how you are getting on now with your current set up and what you are having problems with, if any!

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Re: processor change?

Postby Exalted Wombat » Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:18 pm

inderface wrote:Hi all i got an AMD 64 x2 2.7ghz.... cache is 1 MB i think
And i have the chance to get a AMD phenom x4 (Quad) 2.2ghz. cache is 2 MB...
I`m led to believe it will be a straight swap as my motherboard takes AM2(+)
processor...just FSB adjustments will have to be done.
Ram is 1066 DDR2 4 GIG....
So what sort of improvement will i expect to see??

Is the performance of your present system stopping you doing things you WANT to do?

What price is the new processor?

Obviously you're concerned with cost/benefit. Otherwise you'd just go out and buy the most powerful computer available, regardless of price!
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Re: processor change?

Postby inderface » Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:31 pm

Well the quad 2.2ghz is around 50 quid and im not having any major probswith current cpu.
Ive done about 30 tracks and they all seem to be ok a few using 8o to 85 % cpu.
However there are a couple of tracks that do have slight crackles and glitches.
I just thought that a quad would give a little bit more coz at the moment most of the tracks ive done have 24 ish tracks with 8 to 10 being VSTi`s and a few send fx verbs - filters - etc and an EQ/comp/and gate on each channel on insert.
mmm maybe i`ll leave it until i really need a vast improvment.
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Re: processor change?

Postby daposti » Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:34 pm

Just to add some experience into the thread. I upgraded from an X2 3800 to an X2 3.0 ghz. Fried the mobo and chip. The 3.0 ghz chip needed a mobo that supported higher wattage this information was not written down in the mobo manual thanks Asus? I thought just matching the socket was enough? And they were both AM2+? Ok so check the wattage compared to the old chip if the quad is alot higher email your mobo manufacturer and get written proof its gonna work as the manuals are terrible they stingy on time and paper over in Tawain by the looks of it. Also after an X2 and this little mishaps I re-built from scratch a Core 2 Quad 8200 similar spec to the AMD you are planning on buying. I have to say that with the drop in single core power the increase in grunt wasn't as noticable as i would of liked and having a 2.3ghz quad I still overclocked on some tracks to enable smooth playback. Thats not an option now as the heat sink needs repasting and the temp has gone up some 10 degrees, so its stock settings which I will struggle with heavy audio and vsti's which usually seems to be the case once you throw the audio in it struggles. I've taken the step now to Win7 64 bit and will soon upgrade to 8GB ram and buy back my mixer, speakers, keyboard. I'd recommend putting some more money down as on these older socket cpu's i'd say 2.8 ghz+ per core is about the perfect power. Hope this helps. I take it the phenom x4 is not the black addition so you could struggle still. Going 64 bit if you haven't already might be the key but brings with it a whole new set of obstacles. Just my fifty cents. :)
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