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Which SSD?

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Which SSD?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:14 pm
by Bob Moose

I am building a new 'Sandy Bridge' desktop computer that will have 2 hard drives: one SATA-3 SSD drive (about 120GB) and one SATA-3 7200rpm hard drive.

I have found the right 7200rpm hard drive but I am still hesitating about the SSD. I have seen the benchmarks, etc on the Internet and to sum up:

* the Intel 510 is great for reading big files and for sequential reading, but "very slow" (compared to other SSDs) for reading small files and for random access reading;
it may result in a PC that is less responsive because the OS files are usually small files;
but everybody say Intel SSDs are very reliable

* the OCZ Vertex 3 should be the fastest SSD except for sequential reading or big files reading where the Intel 510 is slightly better;
but it will not be released before one month (at least) and many people say OCZ drives are not very reliable

* the Crucial RealSSD C300 is also popular and already available, maybe it's a good compromise

* Usually the small 128GB SSDs are slower than the 256GB ones, but I cannot afford a big SSD

Well, I am quite lost and have no idea which one to choose.
That said, maybe an SSD is anyway overkill for music applications so I will be happy with any of them. I am currently using an old laptop with a 5400rpm drive, and don't have too many performance concerns. But it would be stupid not to choose the best one (read: most appropriated for music use) as they have a similar price.
What would you do?

Most people install programs on the SSD and store their projects on the other drive. But when it comes to sample banks, I use very few of them so I could install them either on the SSD or on the regular drive. Is there an advantage putting all samples on the SSD? If there is, then the Intel SSD could be the best for music applications as it's very good for reading big files (who knows?)

Best regards

Re: Which SSD?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:26 pm
by scw
Hi Bob

I'm using an intel SSD on my system. I think its a 60 or 80 Gb (can't remember). I've got the OS and my software programmes (cubase, Komplete etc) on it. I have a standard SATA drive with all the associated sample files and I also record to this and an external SATA drive.

I must say I.m hugely impressed with the SSD and would recomend it to anyone. It's amazingly fast and I've had no performance issues. One of the best things with having the OS on it is fast start up abd shut down times - 10 secs or therabouts.