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aligning imported multitrack audio in Acid or Sonar

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aligning imported multitrack audio in Acid or Sonar

Postby domu » Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:42 pm

I've imported a song into Acid Pro 7 from my analog 16 track recorder. The tracks are already in perfect sync. I now want to align the tracks so that the songs start on beat one of a measure and remain lined up with measures for the length of the song (in other words, adjust the DAW tempo to match the song tempo). This will enable me to add MIDI tracks and to quantize them as needed. Is there a way to beat map all of the tracks simultaneously? I looked in the manual but didn't see anything about beat mapping multiple tracks simultaneously.

I also have Sonar 8.5 Producer but I assumed that Acid would be better at this.

A friend said that this is very easy to do in Logic by mapping one track and then using that map as a template for the remaining tracks, but I can't believe that Acid or Sonar can’t do this. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: aligning imported multitrack audio in Acid or Sonar

Postby mhaigh » Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:14 pm

Sonar can do it, you need to use Audiosnap to extract the tempo map from one of the tracks and then apply that...

read this

and watch some of the vids...

it won't be easy though!
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