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Recommend good USB soundcard with optical in that monitors too!

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Recommend good USB soundcard with optical in that monitors too!

Postby TrickyDicky » Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:38 am

Am running a Macbook Pro and an old Laptop PC.

The PC is a simple multi-track recorder with Reaper and Sound forge editing plus some tracking plug ins - the Macbook is for my VST's / MIDI and plug ins, tracked into the PC as a recorder.

My Sound card atm is a borrowed Edirol UA-25 which 'was' fine, but its big drawback is the not being able to monitor/playback whilst in Optical digital mode?!

I wanted to use the headphone/optical out on the Mac > digital SPDIF into the Edirol (as it has the optical square digital in) to record but the lack of monitoring is a right pain!

Have tried the Analog out of the Macbook to the Edirol L&R in, but the noise is unbearable!? so thats out!

So basically I could go from Macbook with a 3.5" to optical cable from its "digital out" straight into a soundcard with the square Optical in/out - plus be able to monitor my tracks at the same time and play over them etc (which Edirol have confirmed this can't do)

Anyone know of such a soundcard with optical that works ok for an (older) PC, that can record in (optical) but at same time monitor out to my Studio Monitors as im recording playing?

Im on Windows XP..


(Have thought of Emu 0404 but they can't confirm this and there's a bug with the sample rates apprently? - so thats out)
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