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Advice regarding setup for full HD video editing (particularly in relation to motherboards/chipsets)

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Advice regarding setup for full HD video editing (particularly in relation to motherboards/chipsets)

Postby russianpolecat » Sat May 07, 2011 12:02 pm

Hi fellas. Ok, so I'm currently planning a computer upgrade for music/HD video editing. I've been looking around the net for advice and it seems minimum spec for decent performance (both for music and NLE) would be a quadcore machine with about 4 gigs of ram. Now, in terms of the immediate future (next four to five months), I'm going to be concentrating on building the machine mainly for music, and with this in mind I'm going to save getting a dedicated video editing card until Sept when I can afford it. So, it seems to me that the motherboard is pretty crucial in this (in terms of upgrading) and the chipset too, because according to these guys -

Videoguys Blog

"Chipsets are as important as the CPUs. This is often overlooked, but in reality it is the single most important factor in the success of your computer for NLE. Picking the correct motherboard is critical. Any bottlenecks in the chipset can be a huge problem for NLEs."

However, they don't really explain what they mean by this. Presumably they mean the faster the chipset the better? Or no? I want to be able to edit full HD video (say from a canon 7D). Do I need the latest motherboards/chipsets for this or will a motherboard that's a few yrs old be able to handle full HD? I've had AMD systems in the past and I'm considering building an AMD system again, simply because AMD seem to be cheaper - I want my budget to stretch as far as possible.

Ta in advance.
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