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Dual boot & system backups

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Dual boot & system backups

Postby Anton Atom » Tue May 24, 2011 1:43 pm

just installed win 7 64bit on a machine with XP already installed.
Win 7 on seperate Primary partition of same drive.
When Win 7 is running the XP partition is not hidden, which is not what I wanted.
When XP is Win7 partition..perfect., if I want to backup Win7 for restore, creating a system image using windows will include XP OS aswell.
In the past I've used Acronis TI 2009 for backup but from what I've read TI 2011 is flaky with 64bit Win7.

1. Is there a way of installing Win 7 so that XP is hidden and only Win7 OS image created?
2. Would an image, created with system as is, actually restore ok with both OS working?
3. With system as is, could the XP partition create stability issues when using Win7?
4. Would TI 2011 allow me to select which OS to image and would it work ok?

Or to put it another way..what's the best way of doing this?

Anton Atom
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